🌟What does a park, phone, human & a dog have in common?


🌟What does a park, phone, human & a dog have in common?

Nothing good for the dog!

I have to let it fly again folks. I’m still seething from being witness to it.


The rant will be short but hopefully, for the love of our pets, effective. I just left the park with Finn. We went there to play frisbee. I took a couple of them along and we relayed him catching, me throwing and fetching. Probably 15–20 minutes of non stop activity at most. We both had fun.

The entire time we were there playing together, a woman and her dog were also in the park. The dog was barking at her incessantly. Want to know why? Because the dog was in a park and probably thought it was going to play with mom. Nope. Mom was on her phone the whole time.

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I even yelled at her a couple of times, “hey lady, the dog want’s to play!”

Either take the dog for a walk or play and leave your friggin phone at home. OMG! The world will probably wait for you for 20–30 minutes while you take Fido to play. The dog deserves your undivided attention. Your phone can wait!

I intentionally leave mine at home. I don’t want the distraction and nether does Finn.

I’m fed up seeing phones take the place of interaction with loved ones, which the last time I checked, include our fur buddies as well!

Thanks for listening.

Contributed by R C Hammond

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