🌼The 22 Tiny Ways You Can Effortlessly Improve Your Life I Learned In 2022


🌼The 22 Tiny Ways You Can Effortlessly Improve Your Life I Learned In 2022

## Your life is the result of all the decisions you make; if you can control the decision process, you can control all aspects of your life.

This year has been a roller coaster of learning.


I started with a completely different way of achieving my goals than the one I’m ending with. I had to unlearn productivity hacks, rest from burnout, refocus and reorder my goals and productivity routine, and start over from scratch.

Above all, I realized that being happy and satisfied with my life is a simple process and that happiness is not a goal; it’s a by-product of a life well-lived. Here are 22 tiny ways to improve yours that will help you be closer to the person you want to be.

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1. Instead of using resting and playing as a reward to be more productive during the day, put it as part of your routine. Getting things done is not a punishment, and [resting is as important](https://medium.com/curious/you-will-stop-feeling-burnout-when-you-stop-doing-this-common-productivity-method-8505803b1ba1) as working to achieve your goals properly.

2. If you really want to grow, learn, be wealthier, or simply be better, you need to dedicate time to it. And if you are not enjoying this process, you need to change what you are doing, not make a balance in your life for it. Never do something because you have to.

3. Wake up at the time you want. You will be happier and more productive when you feel that you have rested well than forcing yourself to be a morning person when you are not. We all get the same 16 hours a day if we sleep 8 hours; [5 am doesn’t make sense](https://betterhumans.pub/im-a-5-am-hater-this-is-how-to-achieve-success-without-the-millionaire-s-absurd-habits-3dc6cecfb169) to most people.

4. The future doesn’t matter if you don’t like what you’re doing now. No matter what stage you are at in life, if you are unhappy with it or unsure how to proceed, you need to [reevaluate your priorities](https://betterhumans.pub/how-to-appreciate-the-life-you-have-while-working-on-the-person-you-want-to-become-549001e70f8).

5. There are different ways to achieve what you want, so don’t choose the one that limits your potential and happiness just because someone said that this is the best.

6. Love and accept every part of your body as a priority. Feeling bad [about your body ](https://betterhumans.pub/5-simple-actions-you-will-never-regret-doing-d743028393bb)is a war you can never win. It doesn’t matter how much you take care of yourself, how much you go to the gym, or how many surgeries you have; if you don’t learn to accept those things you can’t control about yourself, nothing you do will make sense.

7. You leave [your past behind](https://betterhumans.pub/how-to-leave-your-past-behind-and-never-regret-looking-back-88a8e012517c) by understanding that it cannot be changed but can be used. You can’t change what happened, but you can learn from it to be a better person.

8. Always prioritize your well-being over others because you are the only person who will always be truly grateful for everything you do. Selfishness can increase your self-worth, so don’t fear what others think about your decisions.

9. People can inspire you or drain you. You are the one who decides to pick the right ones around you.

10. Stop having high standards of output on the things you do. When you think you have to be perfect at what you do, you will get tired of it easily and start finding a reason to avoid doing it. Most people give up because they can be good from the start, don’t be one of them.

11. A balanced life should not be your goal but a [dream-focused life](https://betterhumans.pub/you-cant-have-a-balanced-life-if-you-want-to-be-successful-and-happy-4a0ffd14307a). To succeed, you have to focus on what you want. A balanced life will never let you do it unless stability and peace are your only goals.

12. It is better to don’t do anything and keep searching for your passion than do things you don’t want because you must be _successful_ in some way. Doing things you don’t care about because you don’t know what you want from life can cause you to waste energy on insignificant things that will not move you forward.

13. Not everyone wants to retire young and live and simple and frugal life. Do whatever you want with your money as long as it makes sense to you, and you have an emergency fund to cover accidents.

14. Never stop learning what passionates you, even if it’s only 5 minutes a day. All successful people I know have the same thing in common: they are always open to learning new things, even if it’s the things they do daily.

15. Your life is the result of all the decisions you make. If you can control the decision process, you can control all aspects of your life.

16. Stop the obsession with [productivity and self-development](https://medium.com/curious/self-improvement-makes-me-a-better-human-but-i-dont-want-that-life-anymore-f1c3e907a1ee). Life is less about how much we achieve and more about how present, content, and connected we are to ourselves and everything around us. It’s also less about work and more about how our actions impact other’s life.

17. You can’t expect to save others when you can’t save yourself. Focus on being well first, and the rest will come easily.

18. Keep changing how you do things, and look for the simplest way to achieve them. Most people [never achieve greatness](https://medium.com/curious/why-you-dont-see-results-even-if-you-are-doing-your-best-cbc1a705c448) because they aren’t willing to change their actions. The path of mastering something is not just giving your maximum effort but understanding how it could improve and make changes to be on that track.

19. Never make a decision immediately when someone tells you what you should do. If you are not truly satisfied with a path, even if it is “right for you,” this is not the one.

20. If you wake up wanting to do something, do it. There will never be a better time than now. _”Waiting for the moment”_ is a form of procrastination that will get you nowhere until you realize you can do it when you want.

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21. To make [better decisions](https://betterhumans.pub/you-made-bad-decisions-because-of-this-single-mistake-97a7ae5866c3), think about the positive and negative impact it could have in your life, not only the outcome of that decision.

22. I realize that happiness is a combination of having my finances in order, being able to work on my dreams, and resting after a long day. That’s why I always prioritize those three things every day. Search for your top three important things in your life and do them every day to be happy.

It’s okay not to have everything figured out at any point in your life. As long as what you are doing now makes sense to you and your happiness, you are on the right track.

Not everything in life should be self-development; improvement is also being happier and more satisfied with your life. Even if what you are doing doesn’t get you closer to your professional goals, you can be better at your mental health.

I am grateful for every step I took this year because they helped me grow and continue working not only on my professional goals but also on my well-being.

Contributed by [Desiree Peralta

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