🌼4 Everyday One-Minute Habits That Actually Improved My Life in 6 Months


🌼4 Everyday One-Minute Habits That Actually Improved My Life in 6 Months

## You can change the trajectory of your life in 180 days if you try.

You can change your life in six months. I know it’s a bold statement, but I have proof to back it up.


In the last six months,

– I wrote more than 100 articles that made a lot of money.

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– I achieved my dream of making writing my full-time job.


– I became a top writer on 10+ topics.

– I wrote several viral articles.

It all happened in the span of six months. I actually changed my life in this short time.

I have been writing since 2020 and I didn’t see any traction until I adopted these 4 easy habits six months ago.

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# 1. Faking Self-Believe With a Hi-Five

Bad mornings can’t ruin your day, but they create a lag time that can delay your productivity. If you question your self-worth and your dreams every morning, then there is a lesser chance you’ll have a productive day.

You can’t get rid of your self-doubt, but you can pretend to believe in yourself. Fake it till you make it, baby!

I started a weird morning habit that boosted my self-belief through the roof. It’s prescribed by Mel Robbins, the queen of self-help. This habit gave me the confidence to get the work done. It stopped my self-deprecating monologue, which pointed out every reason for my unworthiness.

This habit will take you less than 20 seconds so you can do it even in a rush.

## Here’s what you can do:

– Stand in front of the mirror.

– Ask yourself, “what does this human needs from me today?”

– Say a simple task that will make your day better, out loud.

– And then Hi-Five your mirror self.

That’s it, you can conquer your crippling self-doubts and negativity with this simple habit every morning. This simple habit improved my self-esteem and gave me the confidence to pursue writing when I had zero followers.

# 2. A Quick Fix for a Stressed Mind

Writing is a mentally draining job. You need to keep drilling until you finally hit the golden idea.

An idea that you are excited to write about. Most of our thoughts aren’t great and the rest are repetitive, so it takes time to come up with an idea that feels good.

You need to nourish your mind with good content but you also need to learn to refresh your mind quickly after a writing session.

I’ll be honest I am completely useless after writing a first draft. It doesn’t matter if it took me only 20 minutes. It’s guaranteed that I’ll waste time until I guilt-trip myself enough to get back to work begrudgingly.

I found the easiest guilt-free way to refresh my mind. Do a bare minimum movement that increases your energy and productivity.

## Here’s what you can do:

– Walk down a few flights of stairs.

– Do 10 squats.

– Walk around and listen to a podcast.

Walking is the gateway to great thinking, so I go for a quick walk whenever I get stuck on an idea. These easy movements give my subconscious some well-deserved time to think about the problem at hand. They help me uncomplicate the task.

# 3. A One-Minute Lie

I didn’t tell anyone about my side hustle for two years, because frankly there was not much to tell.

I wasn’t making any money, so I thought no one would care. Also, I didn’t want the extra pressure from peers and parents. I told my mom and sister 18 months later when I finally had my first viral article. I just couldn’t contain my happiness.

After that, I told my family and friends and I quit my job and became a full-time writer. In my circle, this is a novel job, so everyone is curious about my income. It’s natural to be curious but rather rude to demand an answer from me. A year later it still feels like a dream and I am afraid I will wake up and lose it all.

So, only my parents know my real income and everyone else knows a ballpark figure that is way lower than the truth. I tell everyone a modest figure because I simply don’t want to tell the truth. The competition and comparison gnaw at my soul.

## Here’s what you can do:

– Keep your hustles private until you absolutely have to tell everyone.

– If you are not comfortable talking about money and people don’t accept a no, then don’t share the truth.

– Protect your mental peace at all costs.

If you are uncomfortable talking about your finances and people don’t accept that you don’t want to talk about it, then make something up.

This one-minute lie can save you hours of agony.

# 4. Time-Blocking for Ultra Procrastinators

I am the biggest procrastinator to walk on this planet (I am exaggerating but still, there’s a little truth in it).

If I don’t want to do something then I’ll procrastinate the hell out of it, and an amateur writer never wants to write. You’ll do everything in your power to delay the actual act of writing. So, I procrastinated writing for more than two years and it poisoned my sweet dreams.

I would feel like shit at the end of the day, the stress of not writing actually made me an insomniac.

One night I was twisting and turning in bed for hours, so I decided to write. I slept peacefully after I published an article. It was the best sleep I had in a long time.

I knew I had to follow a routine that will help me write daily to form a writing habit but I was self-aware enough to know that I couldn’t follow a full-day routine.

So, I made a bare minimum time-blocking template that helps me write but didn’t get in the way of my frivolous nature.

## Here’s what you can do:

– Time-block only two hours of the day.

– Any more, and you’ll push yourself off the productivity peak.

– Do the most important task of the day in those hours.

– Make sure it’s related to what you told yourself before the hi-fi.

– In those two hours, you can either do the task or do nothing.

This simple time-blocking habit helped me form a writing habit that changed my life. I am not gonna lie, it was difficult in the beginning, but writing was always better than doing nothing.

This habit helped me form a routine that enabled both my procrastination and writing.

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# Now Tie It All Together

A lot can happen in six months, you can change the trajectory of your life in 180 days if you try.

– Start your day with a lovely (self)hi-five.

– Add tidbits of movement to your day for better stress management.

– Lie about your finances, if you are not comfortable talking about them.

– Put the pro in procrastination with urgent time blocking.

These four changes actually helped me change my life, so please give them a try and let me know how things go.

Contributed by Khyati Jain

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