🌼7 ways to effectively manage an obese dog


🌼7 ways to effectively manage an obese dog

1. Control their diet: Obesity in dogs often occurs due to overfeeding and lack of exercise. Hence, controlling their diet is key to managing their weight. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate caloric intake for your dog based on their breed, age, and activity level.

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2. Increase exercise: Regular exercise is essential for weight management in dogs. As an owner, you can take your dog for regular walks or runs, play fetch, or engage in other activities that promote physical activity.

3. Provide low-calorie treats: Treats are an important part of dog training, but high-calorie treats can contribute to your dog’s weight gain. Consider providing low-calorie treats or cut fruits and vegetables as a healthier alternative.

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4. Monitor their weight: Keep track of your dog’s weight by regularly weighing them or monitoring their body condition score. This will help you determine if you need to adjust their diet or exercise routine.


5. Use puzzle feeders: Puzzle feeders can help slow down your dog’s eating pace and promote mental stimulation. This can prevent overeating and promote weight loss.

6. Consider weight loss medications: In some cases, your veterinarian may prescribe weight loss medications to help manage your dog’s weight. These medications should always be used under the guidance of a veterinarian and in conjunction with diet and exercise.

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7. Seek professional help: If your dog is severely obese, working with a veterinary nutritionist or a certified dog trainer may be necessary to develop a comprehensive weight loss plan. These professionals can provide personalized guidance and support to help your dog reach and maintain a healthy weight.


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