🌼Seven habits that separate high achievers from the average Joe


🌼Seven habits that separate high achievers from the average Joe

## We tend to tie achievement to talent, intelligence, wit and intellectual prowess.

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If we look at those who get far and master skills at incredibly high levels, we see it’s less about these things and more about emotional strength.

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Let’s take a closer look…


# 1. Ruthless with distractions.

Creating momentum is extremely difficult when we allow ourselves to be distracted.

Distractions take many forms, including other potential projects, online distractions, other people’s requests, and the negative thoughts that show up in our own skulls.

High achievers are aware of this compelling and powerful force. But they override its pull day after day.

They continually re-prioritise their primary objectives.

You must be clear on your priorities and deny anything that undermines them like a maniac.

# 2. ‘Unreasonably’ persistent.

In ancient times, humans would continually face life or death situations that prompted them to act with ferocious levels of persistence to survive.

Today, the need to persist is a seemingly alien experience for many because of the comfortable world in which we now live.

But without persistence, very little of brilliance can be developed. It takes masses of work and attention over long periods to make an impact in anything.

This requires continual awareness on your target, regardless of how ‘forced’ this can sometimes seem.

High achievers know when to pivot, but they refuse to quit.

# 3. Willing to look strange.

It’s nearly impossible to be on a journey of high achievement without a willingness to appear odd to the general ‘normie’ masses.

If you didn’t feel self-conscious or, to some degree an outsider, this would indicate that you aren’t transcending your societally-imposed boundaries.

Going beyond these emotional indicators leads to significant outcomes. This is part of the experience.

It can be lonely at the top, but high achievers get this and accept it.

They are driven by the ultimate thrill of self-growth and inspiring those around them to grow.

# 4. They possess inhuman patience.

In this quick-fix swipe-right uber eats world, most of us are conditioned to expect results fast.

There may be more convenience, but it has also instilled in us an acute form of impatience to the point of irritability if we don’t get what we want quickly.

This is deadly for any creative endeavour worth putting time into. Nothing of any significance materialises quickly. Attempting shortcuts will only set you back further.

You must nurture an uncommon level of patience for whatever you set your mind to.

# 5. They act the part.

True winners understand the malleable nature of ‘personality.’

We can choose to wake up and be whoever we need to be given what we want to create in our realities.

We create our reality; we don’t suck our thumbs and wait for a sunny day.

Winners create goals that encourage a leaning into their potential, and then they mould themselves to this vision through action, posture and general demeanour right now, today.

Be the kind of person who achieves the dreams you want today.

# 6. They are ok with pain.

It is rare to experience physical hardship or pain as we once did years ago.

We may have less external discomfort, but pain in our lives will always be there whether we pursue lofty goals or choose to stay comfortable.

So high achievers create momentum through an acceptance and tolerance to pain, mainly at the psychological level.

Elite high achievers take it a step further and actively seek out pain and find a way to enjoy the more challenging moments in life and business.

But here’s the thing: when they do, they barely perceive it as ‘pain’ at all.

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# 7. Do things the best it can be done.

Most people are oblivious to a subtle force that constrains them within boundaries set by those who came before.

In other words, few of us have the courage or foresight to transcend pre-established (social) boundaries because of a deep need to conform.

High achievers actively look for these boundaries and — instead of doing their best within these delineations — aim to go further than has ever been done before.

They aim to do things the best it can be done, whether it is to go further than anyone else or to bring their own unique spin to an old approach.

High achievers want nothing less than to be pioneers and innovators.

Final: you must be willing to appear ‘odd’ relative to the general populace.

Expect to feel different; stay your course, and the world will look on in awe.

Contributed by Alex Mathers

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