🌼Smart People Know That Their 9–5 Is An Unbelievable Opportunity


🌼Smart People Know That Their 9–5 Is An Unbelievable Opportunity

## What your 9–5 brings to the table

It kills me.


No, it really does. Because I know what a costly mistake it is if you quit without thinking it through. The thought of people quitting their 9–5 because they think it’s the first step to financial freedom makes my stomach twist.

If you’re considering quitting your 9–5 give me 4 minutes to change your mind. If you want to start building something online, your 9–5 is an unbelievable competitive advantage. Let me tell you why.

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# It’s x100 harder than you think


Quitting your job is not the hard bit. The courage, the emotional high, the disconnecting. All that is difficult but it’s nothing (I mean nothing) in comparison to actually making on the internet.

I wrote a book 2 years ago. I tell everyone it only sold 12 copies. I’m sure it’s done a little better than that (maybe 50) but my point is that at the time I had maybe 1,000 followers.

Can you imagine if I put my eggs all in the book-writing basket? I wrote for months. Put hundreds of hours into this thing. I ended up with 12 sales. You can’t live off 12 book sales. But you can learn to write a book if you work a 9–5, and write for 2 hours a day.

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# No money, no problem

When your mortgage payments rely on your business things change.

You have to monetise because otherwise, you might end up back at your parents with your tail between your legs. With a 9–5 you can hold off on monetisation. You can be a part-time online writer with all of the perks and none of the stress.

You don’t need to build a zillion products on Gumroad, write 10 e-books a month or monetise your morning routine.

You can create with no limitations.

# Foundations first

Taking the leap without understanding if you actually like working for yourself is kind of wild.Writing every day, for years, is an emotional rollercoaster.

You might find you hate building a business. You might find you hate working for yourself. You might find that you like the steady pace of a 9–5. I have no idea. But one thing is for sure, starting a business is hard.

Like trying to lift a bowling ball whilst cooking a 3-course meal and wearing rollerskates kind of hard. The best thing you can do is work on your habits and build a strong foundation first.

# A problem, problem

Here’s the deal. Let’s say you quit your job tomorrow and by the time next Monday rolls around you’ve got 6 months runway to make this work. You’ve got all the time in the world… so what are you going to do?

– Where are you going to start?

– What are you going to work on?

– How are you going to start building?

The thing is, when you start building a business, you don’t have a time problem, you have a problem, problem. As in, you need to work out what problem you are trying to solve and for who. You can do that in 2 hours a day before work (or after).

When you start to have a time problem i.e. you need to do all this stuff and you don’t have the time because your 9–5 is getting in the way and you’re making more in your part-time stuff, that’s when you should quit.

# Hating is procrastination

Moaning about your 9–5 will never yield the results you want.

It’s simple, if you hate it, find better. Otherwise wasting time hating is procrastination. Here’s the truth:

– You can build with your 9–5.

– You can progress with your 9–5.

Your 9–5 is the thing that will help you get to where you want. It’s leverage. It’s time. It’s a resource. It’s reduced pressure.

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# Building something is the hard bit

Building a business that out pays your 9–5 is the hard bit. That’s the mic drop. That’s the moment you should consider quitting. Not before.

So many people get this wrong. They end up quitting in a hurry, working for 6 months on something they didn’t think through entirely and then end up back working a different 9–5 that often pays them less.

Use your 9–5 right and it presents an incredible opportunity.

Contributed by Eve Arnold

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