๐ŸŒผ5 Things Rich People From Humble Backgrounds Do To Become Wealthy


๐ŸŒผ5 Things Rich People From Humble Backgrounds Do To Become Wealthy

## The habits (or decisions) that made them

The big secret of becoming super rich is — **environment**. Put the most brilliant man in a poverty environment and the best that will come from him will be poverty. A woman with zero talent in the right environment will make more money than a super-talented lady in a poverty environment.


Most people think their environment is chosen by fate. And where they were born is where they must live out their entire life and die. But that is not how super-rich people think. In fact, this is the number one life-changing decision of people who came from humble backgrounds to become super richโ€ฆ

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# 1. They leave the environment where they grew up (or their comfort zone)


I say this to all my mentees. You have to get out of your childhood city or town. This is a necessity if you want to be super rich. Why?

The “childhood-you” that grew up in that city or town will have to die. And a new “super-rich-you” has to emerge. This is way before you make any money or get any opportunity.

If you stay in an environment where they keep seeing you as who you used to be, you will not grow. People don’t “get” rich. People “become” rich. It is first a becoming.

If you don’t experience that becoming, any money you get wouldn’t last. You might be thinking, _why then is this a habit?_

Well, every time you want to raise your level of financial success, you have to upgrade your environment. No shortcut. You don’t get rich to change your environment, rather you change your environment to get richer.

# 2. They do what it takes

In the super-rich world, no one really cares how many problems you went through. The only thing that matters is the results. The turbulence you experience only matters after you have brought the ship home.

It sure sounds harsh to a lot of people. And most people can’t take the pressure. The main reason is that they don’t want it bad enough.

Nobody is saying you should do things you consider immoral or unethical. But you must be able to come up with a good counter when others are doing such. Never assume a competitor is going to be fair, ethical, or moral.

The idea is to surpass your limits constantly. Your best that got you to $10 million will not get you to $100 million. And sometimes this is not about applying more effort.

Sometimes, it’s a question of who. And this leads to the next point.

# 3. They are constantly meeting new people for potential strategic partnerships

Financial success is more about “who” than about “what”. There are people (in all industries) who when they get behind a new idea or project, success is almost guaranteed.

Of course, it’s different for all industries and they change with time. But you do get the point. If you are doing business at the top of your industry, you will probably run into needing one or more of them.

This is why it is a necessary habit to meet new people in those upper-class circles. And there are places where such meetings take place. You can’t just run into these people on the street.

And this leads to the next point.

# 4. They show up at big events for their industry

This is where they get proper introductions to the new people for potential partnerships. Showing up is super important in all industries.

In entrepreneurship, showing up is even more important. I know entrepreneurs who are brilliant but who have not been able to make a big impact. Meanwhile, there are entrepreneurs who are not bright at all but know how to show up and they make all the money!

We live in a social media world now. Showing up is now an important part of doing business. People just don’t buy products and services anymore. People want to be associated with other people (and brands) that can relate with them.

The only way people see you is when you show up. I know that is not a strong trait of some (myself included). But it is a necessary habit to scale up. (I’m working on this too).

Social skills are learnable. Don’t let anyone tell you you are an introvert and cannot socialize. You can learn and find a style that suits you.

# 5. They empower others

As you move up and get richer, you should help those one step behind you fill-up the space you are leaving behind. This is because of fallout situations.

If you have a massive fallout, you should have people who can support you and cushion the blow. This is especially in the area of finances. Having trusted people you can raise money from in dire situations is important to staying rich.

This is why it is important to empower others. People who don’t empower others are like lone wolf. They are very easy to target and bring down. The idea here is that you have to roam with your own pack.

When you move up, get the people who have been loyal to you to move up too. Whether you like it or not, you will need them at some point. Or they will prove very useful.

Now, you’d have to be careful not to empower snitches. Initially, there will be snitches. But you ought to test and sniff them out.

You don’t stay rich alone. Life can get cruel very easily. And you should not expect that the people you didn’t empower will stand up for you when the world goes against you.

This is even more important if you are not from a wealthy background. Those in the wealthy class from rich families will look down on you trying to break into their circles. In fact, they may act to frustrate your efforts. Or try to bring you down if they sense you as a threat to their domain.

This is why it is important to empower people who will stand up for you. Empower your subordinates.

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# Conclusion

These are 5 transformative things rich people from humble backgrounds do to get wealthy:

1. They leave the environment where they grew up (or their comfort zone)

2. They do what it takes

3. They are constantly meeting new people for potential strategic partnerships

4. They show up at big events for their industry

5. They empower others

Contributed by David O.

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