๐ŸŒผ6 Essential Marketing Skills That You Need


#๐ŸŒผ6 Essential Marketing Skills That You Need

Identify hard skills and soft skills that you need, also tips to lead marketing team.

Best marketing planning comes from the best-fit people in the marketing team. To become a marketer you will need several hard skills and soft skills. Moreover, the leader has a crucial role to direct the team to create the best marketing plan. So, what are the hard skills and soft skills that are needed? How to become a good leader. Let’s dive in deeper!


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# What are the basic skills that are needed in the marketing team?

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In order to become a good marketer, the important thing is to have an understanding of the [4C Diamonds ](https://medium.com/@hanannis/things-that-you-should-do-before-making-a-marketing-plan-fe260b899940)concepts. Therefore, the basic skills needed in a marketing team are:


## **1. Consumer Research**

[Empathy](https://medium.com/@hanannis/guide-for-you-to-understand-your-customer-better-e757e030e9bc) will aid marketers in understanding consumers better, determining their needs, and spotting their behavior. It has become essential because, if we understand our customers, we can gauge the extent to which our products affect their lives.

## **2. Competitor Review**

Competitor review skill is about sensitivity about what happens in competitor business, capable of identifying the movement of competitors and quickly making a back-up plan to prevent loss from competitor’s action.

## **3. Trend Hunting**

The ability to spot the current trends means that a marketer should always be up to date on popular trends and hot topics. Also knowing what currently draws people’s attention.

# What kind of person that suitable in marketing team?

Based on experiences from a marketer expert in Global Media Agency, Dwana (2022) said that when he seeks a new candidate to join his marketing team, there are three kinds of person that should have by a marketer:

## 1. Empathy

Having [empathy](https://medium.com/@hanannis/guide-for-you-to-understand-your-customer-better-e757e030e9bc) is a crucial thing for marketers. As mentioned above, empathy can aid a marketer in conducting consumer research. Consequently, to develop the finest marketing strategy, a marketer needs to have empathy and be willing to spend time studying the consumer.

## 2. Creativity

> “Creativity is just connecting thingsโ€ฆ” — Steve Jobs

Creativity for marketers is crucial thing. As the quote above, creativity is about innovation and like dots that should be connected to each other. The marketer should connect the dots so they will have references to make a marketing campaign suitable for the current trend.

## 3. Flexibility

As we live in [a VUCA](https://medium.com/@hanannis/things-that-you-should-do-before-making-a-marketing-plan-fe260b899940) environment (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), marketers should have a flexible mind. It can help a marketer to can quickly adapting and make a backup plan that is needed in a special situation.

# Tips to Lead Your Marketing Team

Here are three points that you can implement to lead your team:

– **Strict on the Why, Loose on the What & How**

A good leader is knowing the desired objective but has the flexibility and openness to discuss more with the team about the ways to execute a marketing campaign.

– **Inspire, Not Direct**

To make people in your team act as your expectation need an example. Therefore as a leader, you should inspire your team with your actions. The aim is for all people in a team can do their job well.

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– **Live your Life Well**

As a leader, it’s crucial to have enough time to rest, study, be inspired, and also have time to try new things and try current trends. It can help the leader have references to share with the team. So, the team can have more references to connect the dots and increase their creativity.

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