Ready to be Wealthy? Sweat These 4 Big Things in Life


🌻Ready to be Wealthy? Sweat These 4 Big Things in Life

Wealth isn’t a particularly tricky game.

It just _feels_ that way sometimes.


The reality is, the formula to build wealth is right in front of you. Available for free. But it does cost your time and effort.

And it does require mindset shifts. One of them being turning your attention and focus to a smaller circle of control.

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Think levers. Leverage is key to wealth.


The circle I’m going to ask you to focus on only holds 4 things.

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# 1/ Income

You need money coming in.

It provides for your family and maintains your lifestyle.

Incoming cash flow is so important that most people who are serious about their quality of life build additional income streams.

People who tell you not to worry about money are ones who already have plenty of money.

It’s not everything but it’s the foundation for most things.

Cash flow is king. So focus on income first.

# 2/ Skills

Skills are what builds additional income. Whether it’s via promotion at work or building new side hustles.

You’re never done learning or adding to your skillset.

This year I worked on UX design and project management certificate courses.

Next up, conversion rates and landing pages. I follow a [30 for 30 plan](

And my 9–5 is sales so I read at least one new sales book every month to keep up and learn new tactics.

# 3/ Community

This is the community that will help you grow. Networks, mentors, etc.

But it’s also your family and friends. You’ll need them more as you get older.

My girlfriend is in AA and I go with her a couple times per month. AA is a community we’ve leaned into. It’s basically a personal growth group on steroids.

We recently joined a local gym. That’s another community we’re investing in.

I’m also in 2 paid communities. I want to be surrounded by creators and winners.

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# 4/ Growth

Personal _and_ professional.

They both matter.

Personal goal? Mastering myself. It’ll never happen, but I get better every year.

Professional goal? Working with the best people on the most worthwhile goals.

Professional goals are the obvious ones when it comes to making more money.

But personal goals turn you into the kind of person who doesn’t just earn more but also keeps and grows more money.

This isn’t the be-all, end- all of wealth. Not by a long shot.

But these 4 will have you moving toward significant money quicker than ever.

It’ll be really hard to lose long term if you’re consistently pressing these levers.

Contributed by Cait Mack

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