🌼How To Become an Inspiring Person Others Can’t Get Enough Of


🌼How To Become an Inspiring Person Others Can’t Get Enough Of

## 7 powerful lessons from years of observation.

Some people are magnets.


They’re so inspiring you want to hug everyone and save the world after you’ve hung out. Their positive energy floods you like foamy, warm, and pleasant-smelling water a bathtub.

I’ve been lucky to spend a lot of time with these people. They’re business owners, speakers, coaches, podcast hosts — and sometimes, just normal guys. Their mere presence lifts you up a few levels, which is why I’ve studied their characteristics.

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I’ve asked myself how they do it and what I can do to become as inspiring as them.

The more I did, the more people wanted to be around me, and the more great things happened.

You, too, can develop an irresistible magnetic aura — because everybody wants to be around someone inspiring.

# Become The Person Who Did It

once said something that completely changed the way I viewed inspiration.

> “To be a great writer, you first have to live an interesting life.” (paraphrased)

People find inspiration in words and actions — but you can only talk the talk if you’ve walked the walk. If you mix that up, you set off people’s bullshit detectors.

Every time I did something big that scared me, like selling all my stuff to become a [digital nomad](https://medium.com/globetrotters/5-unsexy-truths-about-being-a-digital-nomad-874aa02d1ac2), I experienced life on a completely different level.

I made mistakes, learned from them, and rebuilt from the ashes. I hit rock bottom and flew sky-high. You can’t fake these experiences and the lessons you learn from them.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have to go _Into the Wild, [_run](https://www.si.com/edge/2021/06/09/iron-cowboy-james-lawrence-completes-100-triathlons-100-days-video) 100 Iron Men in a row, or jump out of a space balloon. You just have to do what so many others aspire to — build a business, create a loving relationship with your parents, or hit the gym for a year without excuses. When you do that, you become _the person who just did it._

Nothing inspires others more.

# Spend Some Of Your Fuel To Ignite Others

The best life lessons come from the people you least expect them from — like a hillibilly Texas redneck called Catfish Cooley.

In this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4pvILXJNig), he holds two lighters in his hands — one that had been outside on a cold winter night, and another one warmed up. As you’d expect, the frozen one didn’t work.

No matter how many times he clicked it, it didn’t go off. But then, he used the warm one to light the supposedly dead one. After a few seconds, it came back to life — and worked like nothing had happened.

People often feel frozen. They’re stuck in their [bad habits](https://rebrand.ly/10pht), toxic patterns, and uninspired same-same way of life. All they need is a little nudge, someone to kick them into gear.

If you can give people a boost, they’ll start flying by themselves.

It’s easy to do. Send someone a valuable YouTube video, a podcast, or a book recommendation. Give them a little nudge.

I started writing because one of my friends pointed me to Medium and said, _”Just give it a go, what’s the worst that can happen?”_

Be the spark that ignites someone else’s flame.

# How To Genuinely Care About Others

To inspire others, you need two types of love.

The mother’s love is unconditional — it’s compassion, understanding, and support.

The father’s love is conditional — it’s challenge, discipline, and pushing you.

Caring and inspiring someone requires you to have both.

I have a couple in my friend group that combines these perfectly. Whenever I turn to them with a problem, she gives me emotional support, while he gives me a metaphorical slap in the face and tells me to get my shit together. Both do it because they care about me.

In combination, they have inspired me countless times to dust myself off and go after what I want.

To inspire others, you have to care about them. Listen, understand, and show compassion. Push, motivate, and ask challenging questions. Give them both.

That’s true love.

# Wear The “Glass Half Full” Goggles

Our mind is not designed to make us happy.

[Studies](https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20180710-why-the-brain-always-finds-new-problems-and-threats) show it’s always on the lookout for problems. Our [negativity bias](https://positivepsychology.com/3-steps-negativity-bias/) causes us to focus on what’s wrong. It’s why the news is mainly negative — drama and fear sell like hotcakes.

Enthusiastic people are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, like a gust of fresh air in a stuffy gym, and like a long fart ending your painful stomach cramps.

One of my friends always wears his “glass half full” goggles. No matter what life throws at him, he’s always optimistic. When you’re around him, you can’t not be positive.

This isn’t something you’re born with — it’s a skill you can learn.

Practice regular gratitude. Focus on what could go right instead of what could go wrong. Find humor in the sadness.

Few people can do that — but they inspire others like nothing else.

# Stand Up For What You Believe In

All inspiring people have one thing in common.

The Elon Musks, Martin Luther Kings, and Rosa Parks of this world all have strong values, an exciting vision, and an overarching dream.

Most people do what society tells them to do, even if they don’t agree. That’s why many people admire the rebels who stand up for themselves.

When I quit my Master’s degree to write full-time, I motivated my friends to pursue their dreams. When I wrote vulnerable letters to people instead of ghosting them, I created space for a great conversation. If you want to inspire others, do what feels right, even if it’s hard.

Ask yourself what truly matters to you in life.

Go after it because if you don’t, what are you even living for?

You’ll inspire others to do the same.

# Take Responsibility When You Fuck Up

I’ve fucked up badly.

I’ve gone to a party with my girlfriend and fucked another girl after. I’ve crashed my motorbike speeding around a corner and hit a cyclist. I’ve messed up more times than I can count — but here’s the secret.

We all do.

Everybody has a few skeletons in the closet but most people are too scared to admit it. In school, we learn that mistakes make us “bad,” so we try to cheat on tests, copy homework, and hide bad grades. We never learn about the power of owning our shortcomings.

But when you do, you have to keep one crucial thing in mind.

Owning mistakes means taking responsibility for them. It means you learn and make sure it doesn’t happen again. It’s a rare skill.

Few things are more inspiring than someone who admits and learns from their mistakes.

Be that someone — you’ll inspire others to become better, too.

# Make People Feel Seen For Who They Are

We all have a spidey sense.

When you meet someone, you can feel if they’re looking down on you, missing respect, or not taking you seriously. The same is true for others — they’ll feel how you treat them.

Unfortunately, our brain often puts people into drawers.

I’m a big, tall guy with a beard and tattoos. You wouldn’t believe how many people put me into the “meathead” category only to realize I don’t fit into that drawer. Surprise, motherfucker.

People don’t like being judged. If you want to inspire someone, you first have to make them feel seen for who they are.

I recently met a guy who looked a little bit like a dweeb — scrawny, crooked teeth, balding head, insecure body language. During our first conversations, I noticed he was used to people looking down on him. But the more I was genuinely curious about him, the more he opened up — asking me questions about the gym and telling me about his life.

Everybody has their story.

Be curious. Make them seen for who they are. This inspires them instead of feeling judged.

To inspire others, pull them up without making them feel like you’re above them.

# **Summary To Help You Become an Inspiration to Others**

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


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> ― Maya Angelou

Inspiring people help others become the best versions of themselves — so naturally, everybody wants to be around them. Here’s how you do it:

1. **Do the things you — and others — dream of. Become the person who did it.**

2. **Use your energy to lift others up and ignite them when they need it.**

3. **Care about others — console and comfort, but also challenge and push.**

4. **Be optimistic and see the glass as half full — you’ll spread good vibes wherever you go.**

5. **Stand up for what you believe in and go after what matters to you.**

6. **Admit your mistakes, take responsibility for the consequences, and learn from what happened.**

7. **See people for who they are, not for who everyone thinks them to be.**

Let your flame ignite someone else’s.

Contributed by Moreno Zugaro

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