🌼13 Mindset Shifts I Learned From Creators Much Smarter Than Me


🌼13 Mindset Shifts I Learned From Creators Much Smarter Than Me

## And it’s changed my entire future

I’ve been obsessed with business and self-improvement for as long as I can remember.


I remember writing extensive notes on every Dragon Den book that came out back when I was about 14. Posit notes, summary cards, highlighted sections. All in an attempt to understand the minds of the greatest entrepreneurs of age so that one day, I could have a slither of that success.

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Since then, I’ve inhaled everything I can (given my lung capacity) on entrepreneurship, business and eventually ended up with a very healthy obsession with the creator economy.


Here are the lessons I always come back to.

# 1. It’s all your fault

Ownership is the number 1 rule when it comes to this stuff.

It’s your fault. Win? It’s your fault. Lose? It’s your fault. Not to make you feel bad but to allow you to take responsibility and most of all accountability for the stuff around you.

If you’re to blame, you need to fix it and when you do you become better.

# 2. Self-belief is everything

You have to believe you can. Not ‘sort of’ think about. Not mid-meeting daydream about it. You have to know it. In your bones, you have to know that you are capable of this thing you want to do.

Self-belief, backing yourself, switching your internal narrative, fighting your own corner, that’s the stuff that makes you different. It’ll make it possible.

# 3. Frameworks for thinking

The best creators build scaffolding for their thoughts. They don’t just jump in feet first. They go to the library in their mind. They pick out the mental framework that would best suit the decision they need to make.

Then they use that to think through the decision at hand.

# 4. Problems as data

Finding problems is a real skill. Most obsess over the solution.

Finding the real problem, distilling it down and articulating it, that’s a skill that very few possess. The best entrepreneurs I’ve seen do exactly this. They are incredible at saying ‘this is my problem’.

And then they go and solve it.

# 5. Read as a solution

The best entrepreneurs use books as a tool.

They figure out the things they’re struggling with and they then source the best material to help them work out the solution.

They find the solution in said book and they implement it.

# 6. Test assumptions

Thought experiments are great but they are limited, of course, by the ends of your thought. The best entrepreneurs use thought experiments as the first draft but they know they need to test.

They list out their assumptions of what will happen but they have a bias for action.

# 7. Tell stories

The best entrepreneurs, writers and marketers know that stories are what sell products. Stories are vehicles for lessons, ideas and sales.

# 8. The long game

Most people play on a 1–2 year time horizon. When I think of the best entrepreneurs in the world, they are playing forever games. If they’re in the top 0.1%, they’re playing games they never want to end.

# 9. The obsession

The most significant opportunity I see for people to make their mark in the world is to find their obsession and never let it go. The best creators, entrepreneurs, writers, swimmers, and the best at [insert the blank] are those that are obsessed.

If you find yourself thinking about this thing whilst you walking, talking, dreaming and chilling, it’s a good sign.

# 10. Expect the storm

You’ll feel the pain of the internet if you stick around long enough. The best creators are able to move past that. They are able to categorise that in their mind, and they are able to segment.

You are going to get people that don’t like what you do. That comes with the territory, the trick is not letting it penetrate the armour. The best entrepreneurs build a thick skin and expect the storm.

# 11. Money, time, learning

The best of the best know that knowledge gaps cost money. They can plug that gap with money, but you can’t skip learning.

The best entrepreneurs spend their money on learning. They know the biggest ROI is in themselves.

Alex Hormozi sums it up better than I ever could.

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# 12. Big Questions

The biggest question isn’t ‘What milestone do you want to hit?’ the biggest question is ‘How do you want to spend your days?’

The best entrepreneurs climb the right mountain for them. They hold hands with money but they are not tied to it. They make great money but it’s not everything. Life is.

# 13. Never enough

The best creators know how the human brain works.

They understand that no matter how much they get, it’ll never be enough. Whilst they don’t fight that feeling, they make peace with it. Allowing themselves to come back to themselves 3 years ago and admire how far they’ve come.

Contributed by Eve Arnold

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