🌼7 Quiet Signs of a Successful Future


🌼7 Quiet Signs of a Successful Future

What can you do now for later?

You build tomorrow with today’s actions.


It’s a fruitful inevitability for those who truly understand that statement’s power. Those can dance in the magic of the moment but convince themselves to act in the best interest of ‘future-them’, well those folks are the elite.

I’ve seen it in every successful person I study, they all had quiet signs of a successful future before they hit the big time. Here are the 7 signs I notice time and time again.

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1. Prioritising health

Health is a long game.

When you’re in your twenties it’s easy to neglect it for the chase. But as life catches up, every successful person I have studied treats their health as a top priority.

It’s not to say that you need to be Bryan Johnson levels of health-conscious. They just see health as a logical step for a successful future. Exercising, eating well, stretching and building a body that you take care of and ultimately respect, well that’s the bread and butter of success.

2. Optimise for days

There is a switch that goes off somewhere along the way. Some of my favourite writers talk about this ‘Never Enough’ concept. In psychology, it’s called the Hedonic Treadmill.

It’s this plateau after the high. You don’t go back to baseline, everything adjusts to your new normal. If the goal was $5k/mo and you make $6k, then $5k/mo feels like a kick in the teeth.

The most successful (happiness is a measure of success) I’ve studied are aware of this and make adjustments for it. They’re not optimising for the reward, the fame, the milestones. They are optimising for good days.

They understand that life is now, not when you get [insert the prize].

3. Problem-to-solve reading

I’ve been on a reading rampage recently. Part of the reason for starting #66write (p.s. you should definitely join) was because my reading habit had drifted.

But having picked the habit back up, I realised I was doing something wrong with the books I’d chosen to read. You see, I’d find a book recommended by someone and decide to read it.

But the best in the business don’t do this. They read, sure. But not just anything. Here is the key distinction:

They read the books for the problems they have.

I’ve started doing this and it’s changing everything. Last week I unlocked a new revenue stream and doubled one of my income sources. By reading a $9 book.

4. Stanger’s journey

In most scenarios, money plays a factor in success.

If you want to understand business and the reasons people buy products, one thing to understand is what I’ve called the ‘Stranger’s Journey’. Asking yourself how you get from stranger to raving fan.

I recorded a Masterclass about it here.

The most successful people in the business know that creating raving fans is all about building trust.

5. Financial psychology

Money gets misunderstood all the time. Most people think it’s the source of all happiness. But most don’t understand financial psychology.

If you want money to play a role in your life but not a leading role, you must understand how to use money. After all, money is a vehicle. If you’ve never thought about it before (I never did), then start here:

Understand how spending your money makes you happy

Understand when you spend money you don’t want to

Explore why you want something before purchasing

The most successful people on the planet know how to use their money to their advantage.

6. Emotional understanding

I’m sure the most successful people in the world have one thing in common:

A deep understanding of themselves.

That primarily focuses on their emotions. I have no doubt that the most successful people in this world have emotions like the rest of us. They’re not immune. But what they do have is methods of coping that allow them to do what they need to do.

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7. Reflection and iteration

The best place to find success is in your failures.

Most people can’t face them. But the people that can, those people fly. Those people that can stare right in the face of the things that have gone why, go beyond the embarrassment and investigate why, those people are the successful few.

Most will deliberately ignore it. The successful few will conquer their fear of failure but look at it as a data point and nothing else.

Pulling it altogether

You know, the more you study success the more you realise that it’s not remarkable. Really, it’s quite the opposite.

The most successful people have the ability to show up every day and do the boring work. They take the obvious steps. If they have one skill it’s the ability to recognise what’s not working, adjust and show up just like they did yesterday and the day before that.

Contributed by Eve Arnold

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