🔺7 reasons why your puppies are dying


🔺7 reasons why your puppies are dying

1. Poor Nutrition: Puppies require a balanced and nutritious diet to grow and develop properly. If they are not getting the right nutrients, they may become weak and more susceptible to diseases.

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2. Lack of Colostrum: Colostrum is the first milk produced by the mother dog after giving birth. It is rich in nutrients and antibodies that help protect the puppies from infections. If puppies do not receive enough colostrum within the first few hours of life, they may not have a strong immune system and may be more likely to get sick.

3. Inadequate Housing: Puppies need a warm and dry environment to thrive. If the housing is not properly ventilated or if there is too much moisture, puppies may develop respiratory problems or infections.

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4. Poor Hygiene: Dirty and unsanitary conditions can increase the risk of infections and diseases. Puppies may contract diseases from contaminated food, water, or bedding.


5. Lack of Vaccinations: Vaccinations can help prevent many common dog diseases. If puppies are not vaccinated, they may be more susceptible to infections.

6. Genetic Factors: Some dog breeds may be more prone to certain diseases or health issues. It is important to choose healthy breeding stock to reduce the risk of genetic health problems.

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7. Parasites: Parasites such as worms and fleas can cause health problems in puppies. Regular deworming and flea control is important to prevent parasite infestations.

Overall, it is important to provide proper nutrition, housing, hygiene, vaccinations, and deworming to ensure the health and well-being of puppies. Regular monitoring and early treatment of any health issues can also help prevent puppy mortality. Additionally, it is crucial to have a good relationship with a veterinarian who can provide guidance and support for the care of your puppies.


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