🌻20 Bad Habits You Should Quit Immediately to Live a More Successful Life


🌻20 Bad Habits You Should Quit Immediately to Live a More Successful Life

Not Honoring Your Word — This damages you more than the other person. Be honorable with your time and your commitments, especially those you make to yourself.

Drugs — Even though you say they help, we both know that’s not true. Unless you have a prescription for it, leave it out.


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Proving Yourself — Countless idiots have died trying to prove something to others that they didn’t need to. Definitely not worth it.

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Spending Money You Don’t Have — If you can’t afford it you can’t afford it. You do not need the latest Iphone or the coolest sports car. Trust me, it will not make a difference.


Getting Drunk — Not only does this damage your body, but you will not be you when you are drunk. Plus the hangover in the morning is really not necessary.

Sleeping In — This is fine about once in a blue moon. Other than that get up early, start your day fresh, get something done, feel better about yourself and improve your life. And yes, that does mean you must go to bed earlier.

Smoking — Cancer or no cancer… tough call. I mean, let’s compare: Not dying vs… What were the benefits of smoking again?

Eating Fast-food/Junk-food — I know it’s delicious. I know you want more. But your body will thank you if you lay off the chocolate and burgers and eat a salad instead. You will feel better if you do!

Holding Grudges — The situation has passed. Either fix it or let it go.

Criminal Activities — It just doesn’t pay off. Yes, you may not get caught, but if you do get caught just once your life will change forever.

Being Arrogant — Yes, you do know some things and you are skilled, but the ones that believe they have more to learn are always the ones that go the furthest.

Watching TV — Just throw that sucker out.

Pointing Fingers — It will do you no good at all to blame someone else. This is your life. Take responsibility for it and make it better if it is not what you want it to be, but do not make others responsible for your life.

Caring What Others Think — They care less than you, I promise. But every time you care you change who you are for them. This will not end well.

Being In A Rush — Yes, you could get to your office 5 minutes faster. But you can also die and miss years of your life with just one accident. Your call.

Saying ‘No’ To Everything — Sometimes you have to try new things. With new experiences comes new knowledge and you may even find someone or something you never thought you could along the way.

Saying ‘Yes’ To Everything — Just because your friends ask you for something doesn’t mean you have to agree. Remember that you have your own life to live. Stop living the lives of other people at the expense of your own.

Not Learning — If you do not learn your life will not improve. Period. Instead read a book a week and your life will improve more than that of 99% of the population.

Not Following A Plan — Without a plan you will end up somewhere, yes, but chances are about 1 in a million that you will end up somewhere you want to be. Make a plan so you get to exactly where you want to be.

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Being Sad — You are in control over your emotions. Don’t believe me? Then go watch your favorite comedian right now and don’t laugh. You can control how you feel by controlling what situations you put yourself in. Change your state instead of letting it change you. Find those situations that make you happy whenever you want to be.

Contributed by Lukas Schwekendiek

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