🌼Four Silent Traits of People Who *Don’t* Know Their Purpose


🌼Four Silent Traits of People Who *Don’t* Know Their Purpose

And how to get out of it.

Most of us have had phases where we have no idea what our purpose is.


Does it even exist or is it a myth?

Is it luxury and only the rich can afford it or is it essential?

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And that phase is normal.


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But some of us are stuck in that rut, unsure how to get out of it.

Some are stuck in this maze and they don’t even know that. And that’s who this is for, so you can identify if you’re unknowingly in a mess and how can you get out of it.

Always Distracted

I see most people around me glued to their phones. I don’t know what is so exciting about photos and videos that you just cannot get out of it. It’s not a surprise that you don’t know what to do with your life because you hardly spend time with yourself.

Not just digitally, but some people crave chaos.

To always be around people.

To always be on the go and do a task.

In a time when it’s normal to crave distraction, learn to get bored and do nothing at all. Distraction is preventing you from knowing yourself further. Leave alone finding your purpose because that’s a consequence of deep self-awareness and introspection.

No ‘Ideal Version’

What does your ideal version look like?

How far are you from that?

What are you doing to bridge the gap between your life now and that ideal self?

You see, most people won’t answer these questions. They won’t even face them. We’re too scared to think about it because:

we don’t dare to think of massive change, and hence the ‘ideal version’ doesn’t exist

we feel incapable of reaching there, so we snub it away

People who are fuelled by their purpose are a conscious work-in-progress doing everything in their capacity to become a better version of themselves. Their actions today are for their future self.

No Written Goals

“I don’t need to write my goals. I already know my goals!”

I said this for the longest time. I didn’t have specific goals, but I knew of them broadly that I have to become better at work and with my health. Better how? No answer.

There’s a reason the greatest people on earth have emphasised on writing your goals.

According to this article in Forbes,

“Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success, and people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t.”

They Feel They’re Incapable of Dreaming

I’ve felt this way too. Because there was nothing to show me I was capable of dreaming.

I was

average in school

didn’t play sports

didn’t excel in any hobby.

My passion kept moving from one thing to another. It was too messy to think of myself as capable out of all things.

Naturally, I’ve grown up with less self-esteem and major under-confidence.

So when people through out my school and university days would talk about dreaming and dreaming big, I didn’t understand how that was possible. Maybe it was for others, not for a simple and average person like me.

If this sounds like you, I’ve been there. Yes, it feels lost.

But it gets better once you take action.

How to Get Out of This

Firstly — you can. Don’t let your mind convince you otherwise. It has been convincing you the opposite all these years. How far did that get you?

And I’ve been at your position and I know it’s not a great place to be in. But it’s a place you can start your growth journey from because we all start from the bottom.

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Here’s what I recommend:

Work on self-awareness: my response to most questions is to know yourself better because most of your ideas and answers lay there. Plus, if there’s only one soul you should know entirely in this lifetime, it should be yours.

Spend time with yourself: make an effort to consciously be on your own and not be distracted. Travel alone, maybe block some time to read or write, do online courses with worksheets — whatever it takes.

Write your current state + desires: the only way to get somewhere is to know where you’re going and what can you do. Also, your current dissatisfaction with things will help you find what you should eliminate to stop feeling this way.

Bridge the gap: after the above three, you can work on developing practices that lead to habits which can take you to your ideal self and your dreams.

It won’t happen overnight, not even in a few months.

No point in sugarcoating because it is what it is. But the consistent effort will help you.

I hope this helps you make changes that can elevate your life because you deserve it.

🟢Contributed by Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

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