🌼If You Want To Be Rich, Stop Doing These Silly Things


🌼If You Want To Be Rich, Stop Doing These Silly Things

And change your thinking.

Never having to worry about money again is everyone’s dream. Being financially free sounds impossible, but it’s not. Everything is a matter of thinking about your habits and reflecting on whether they are allowing you to progress financially or if, on the contrary, they are making you increasingly harm yourself in this regard.


Thinking about it, we separate eight attitudes that compromise your budget and keep you away from the wealth and financial freedom you desire. To learn more about the topic, continue reading below!

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1. Not being Aware of your financial situation


Many people live throughout the month without knowing about their financial situation. If you can buy it, buy it; if not, don’t buy it. These people do not know their total income and are unaware of how much they can spend and how much they have spent.

Everyone must put monthly expenses and income in the spreadsheet so that the account closes. Don’t think you have to be rich to manage your money. The process is the opposite: you must manage your money to be rich. So, check out templates for home financial spreadsheets — plenty on the internet. This monthly habit will change your financial life!

2. Not thinking about what you need to buy

Those who do not manage money cannot give it the due value. The natural consequence is unbridled and excessive consumption, often resulting in debt.

Do you want to take a course, buy furniture, renovate your house, but you can’t see a new cell phone model and want to change it? Time to review your priorities! That doesn’t mean you should give up any leisure time or fun. However, you must prioritize what is most important.

3. Having “excessive Faith” in the future

This topic seems strange, but you will already understand. The urgency of having something makes many people go shopping with money they still don’t have. For this reason, they pay in installments as far as the eye can see, forgetting that emergencies can happen during this period. That robust interest rates always accompany the credit card. In the end, you pay for a lot more time and a lot more.

So try to save money and pay in cash. Some sellers usually give discounts on purchases of this type. That way, you don’t get into debt or lose control of your financial situation.

4. Not prioritizing the payment of debts

If you are already in debt, you must solve this problem immediately so that interest does not turn your debt into an unpayable snowball. If this is your case, before any other goal, prioritize debt repayment.

Negotiate with the creditor, and if you have more than one debt, seek expert help to build a payment plan for each one. Also, cut expenses, look for new sources of income, and negotiate. Just don’t leave the debt aside because, in a few months, the situation can get out of your control.

5. Develop limiting beliefs about money

“I wasn’t born to be rich.” “Rich people are lucky.” “Rich people are born rich.” “You must work too hard or resort to illicit activities to get rich in this country.” Have you ever heard any of these phrases? They are ubiquitous and express people’s limiting beliefs about money as if they can’t do anything to change their reality.

As much as there are people who illicitly enrich, that does not mean that you cannot achieve this objective honestly. If you search, you will undoubtedly find stories of people who were born into difficult financial conditions but who, with hard work and dedication, reached a more comfortable state.

6. Not knowing your life purpose

Still analyzing the lives of these people who managed to get rich lawfully, you will undoubtedly notice something they all have in common: they found their purpose in life.

Rich, happy people don’t get to that position by doing something they don’t like or don’t believe in. Therefore, if you are passionate about the arts, for example, maybe civil engineering is not how to get rich. Your life purpose is the union of three aspects: what you like/believe, what you do well, and what is helpful to society. Know yourself and find your mission!

7. Not studying financial education

Financial education is much discussed in other countries, even from childhood. However, this area of ​​knowledge is still in its infancy. However, be aware that there are several courses on the subject, including free or very cheap ones, on the Internet.

Financial education teaches people to manage their money, compare earnings and expenses, negotiate better, pay off debts, avoid contracting new debts, research prices, build an emergency reserve, manage emotions when buying, think about the long term, diversifying your sources of income and investing intelligently, in line with your goals. Research and study always!

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8. Thinking that “investing is for Rich people.”

Finally, while we’re investing, it’s essential to understand that you don’t have to be rich to start investing. Some investment options are more profitable than savings and do not require a high budget.

The eight attitudes above are incredibly negative for anyone who wants to be rich and achieve a better quality of life. Review your beliefs and behaviors if you’ve been committing any of them. It is possible to get rich legally, as long as you study and persevere in your goals!

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