🌼Smart Ways To Invest Your Money In Today’s World.


🌼Smart Ways To Invest Your Money In Today’s World.

Ever since civilization began to see the light of day, there has always been a medium through which we determine the value of goods and services. At a point, we traded items directly and call it barter. Then we moved on to coins made from precious metals and just like that, the miracle object we all know as money was born.



That was when individuals began to see the need to turn the money they already had into more money which would then raise their perceived value in society. Some chose to pursue wealth through nefarious means such as gambling, sports betting or the lottery but as time would prove, money easily gained would easily be lost.

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Individuals who chose to be patient in terms of wealth were rewarded handsomely through investments, and that is why we are here today, to talk about smart avenues to invest your money in today’s world


When it comes to the safest option in terms of investing, look no further than the stock market. For it has proven time and time again to bring returns.

The mistake most young investors make when dealing with the stock market is their mindset. If you want to make money with the stock market, you must think long-term and invest consistently but here lies the case where most people see it as a gambling platform which is just wrong and a waste of time and resources.

Real Estate.

Some investment opportunities are upfront and in your face and there are the hidden gems, the diamonds in the rough. Real Estate is one such hidden gem.

This is due to the fact that real estate can give you the opportunity to grow your net worth and bring in consistent streams of monthly income. It is great because it is the kind of investment that can set your family up for generations and that is called generational wealth, old money. Once you amass such wealth, losing it is next to impossible.


In my opinion, Land is one of the most underrated investments out there. This is because, the value of land is always rising and frankly, it is never going to go down.

You will literally be owning a piece of the earth, and once you have land, you have space to grow; Grow in terms of business and in terms of wealth, characteristics of a good investment.

Angel Investments.

This side of the spectrum is a little bit more on the risky end but is a safe haven in comparison to something like sports betting. Angel Investing basically means investing in start-up companies in hopes that once they start making large profits, you will become the majority shareholder in a growing business.

The reason this option is risky is that, once the business fails, you can kiss your money goodbye. Do not expect to have your money refunded to you once everything goes under. Once you are able to stomach the risk and prefer to get down and dirty in the intricacies of growing a business, I believe this is a great avenue for you


Gold is timeless. Gold is classic and above all, Gold is safe. How safe you may ask? Well, it’s so safe to the point where it’s considered as a hedge against the stock market.

This means that, once the stock market begins to light up red like a Christmas tree, gold begins to rise and once the markets are doing well, gold remains stable. So investors use this as a system to protect their money in the markets once they begin dancing around. Besides owning gold is just classy.

Government Ventures

Governments across the globe also offer their citizens various avenues to grow their wealth with government bonds and treasury bills being the most popular. The summary of these two avenues is to help the government raise money for projects and once they make profits, your money is paid back to you at the designated time with interest.

So you are essentially loaning money to the government. This venture is one of the safest options out there and is also embodies the phrase ‘Long-term Investment.’ So look into it if you are looking for a guaranteed source of wealth.

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So now that the hype around cryptocurrency, NFTs and the metaverse has died down, I think we can talk about crypto with a clear head.

As I said when talking about the stock market, so much depends on the mindset you carry in. The same applies to crypto. So many people thought cryptocurrency and blockchain was the next big thing in terms of money and finance. Well, I believe it is the closest thing we have to a universal currency but as to whether it is at that point yet, I am quite doubtful.

So if you plan on investing in crypto, make sure you understand what you are dealing with. Do not go in because everyone is going in. Invest amounts you are willing to lose because it’s still in its volatile stages.

Just make sure you read on the subject and you will be alright.

So that’s it. Let’s interact in the comment section or via email @ecobbinahbuz@gmail.com.

What do you think about the above investment opportunities and do you have any others you would like to share?

Thank You For Your Time.

🟢Contributed by Emmanuel Cobbinah

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