🌼Think Less. Act More


🌼Think Less. Act More

Humans love thinking. And we don’t realise when thinking turns into dreaming. We all have dreams, goals and aspirations to do things what we love the most. But a lot of us spend countless times only in thinking without making any tangible efforts to accomplish our deepest desires.

Let’s hear a fictional illustration of the eternal truth of humanity…


A young man fulfills his dream of graduating in computer science. However, deep down, he has always yearned to become an entrepreneur and build his own bakery. Thinking of himself as a novice in the domain, he decides to take a job first.

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As time passes, he gains a lot of experience and exposure in his field. Once or twice, the thought of opening his own bakery crosses his mind. However, he again decides to put the idea on hold in order to accumulate some money. He believes that a bakery might not provide handsome profits.


Meanwhile, he falls in love and gets married. Now having a family, he feels the weight of responsibility. When he turns 40, his childhood dream returns to the forefront of his mind. He has saved some money, but his children are growing fast, and he can’t take any risks until they stand on their own feet. He decides to wait a few more years.

Now at the age of 55, the man has a lot of experience, his children have started working, and he has significant savings in his account. The time has ripe for him to take action, but he doesn’t feel as motivated as he once did. He feels tired and caught in a state of dilemma. Can he handle the hustle required at this stage of life? He wonders if the time for him to start a business has already passed, and if it will ever become something worthy of all the effort.

Lying on his deathbed, the man remembers his childhood dream of starting his own bakery. He wishes he had started it when he was young. He wishes he hadn’t waited for all the pieces to fall into place. He regrets discouraging himself from pursuing his business at a later age. Above all, he wishes he hadn’t waited.

It’s not a story of a single person. But thousands of dreams, ideas and aspirations die every day just because they don’t take actions when they have to and spend days in thinking and planning.

You are sole responsible for your life. So it you are in mess, there’s no need to blame your environment, parents, friends, destiny, and whatever excuse you make. Maybe it’s time to shift your gears towards self-improvement, efforts, and growth.

You can’t let the inner fears, hesitations and doubts become a barrier for your goals and plans. But we do spend the countless hours for planning and thinking. There can be a lot of reasons behind the procrastination.

There’s no intention of mine to force someone in mindless running or hustling. Of course, planning, thinking, and managing is the key for a perfect execution of anything. The problem lies in procrastination, when we stop taking actions which we have do.

The Steps You Can Follow To Think Less And Act More:

Clock & Calendar

These are key to become efficient and productive. Set specific days and time for planning, thinking and strategies. Take your all your time you need to brew, churn, and produce as amazing ideas as you can. Let’s say you are planning to write a book, then this must have been a perfect time to think all backgrounders such as characters, plot, theme, etc.


Once the day or time has passed to think, then it is time to take actions. You have to do things as hard and passionate as you can.

If you go with clock and calendar, you will execute things in a timely manner.

Perfection Is a Myth

Perfection is our deepest desire and we always wish to make our art/product as flawless and impeccable as it could be. In the process, we overthink and procrastinate a lot. Fear grips in when our mind starts doubting if we can produce something up to the established standards or not.

Understanding perfection a myth is a good way to get started. Great writers, artists, and entrepreneurs build childish or not-so-good products initially, but they work relentlessly and polish them over the time. So, don’t get overwhelmed by the impression to create a perfect product. Just do it.

Lot of giant companies today have started their journey with something else. Amazon sold books while Ikea had business of pens. But they transformed over the time and veered their business towards something totally different.

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Be Active Seeker

There’s no doubt that a traveler will meet more people while traveling on the road than someone who prefers to stay cozy in the house. Likewise, one who actively seeks out opportunities will have more probability to find them than who doesn’t.

If you want to have more opportunities in life, then you need to start actively seeking out. Learn new skills, make good networks, join courses, or explore new avenues. It’s far better than just sit down on the couch and watching Netflix and waiting something to be happened sooner or later.

🟢Contributed by Varun Yadav

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