🌼10 Uncommon Habits to Join the Top 1% in a Distracted, Modern World


🌼10 Uncommon Habits to Join the Top 1% in a Distracted, Modern World

You can choose a path that brings stability, fulfilment and a healthy dollop of fun.

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As we enter into a divided and precarious new reality, every one of us is faced with a choice:

Do as most people do and flounder — or separate yourself from the pack.

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You can choose a path that brings stability, fulfilment and a healthy dollop of fun.

Here’s what I mean:

1. ‘Unreasonable’ Consistency

Most people aren’t consistent.

And they view consistency as ‘boring.’

They expect success much quicker than it comes and so tend to jump from one thing to the next, never spending enough time and attention on any one thing for it to bear fruit.

If you want to taste the sweet, be unreasonably consistent.

Be relentless. Accumulate more time and attention on fewer things to build something indestructible and distinct.

Keep going when everyone else falls to the side. You will make it.

2. Create a Unique Hybrid

It’s one thing to put deep time and attention on fewer things consistently over time.

It’s another thing entirely to build something no one has seen before.

And this is entirely possible when you get creative about combining disparate things, including your personal skills, strengths and talents.

What can you create that is a combo of several things that no one else is doing?

This is how you set yourself apart.

3. Time Spent in Deep Work

To set yourself apart, you need to be creating unique value.

This isn’t attained via shortcuts.

No AI will write a unique book that will be read for decades.

True value is generated in those moments of deep human creation and attention when the mind is still.

This won’t come out of running around like a headless parakeet unless you hire other people to spend considerable stretches in deep work.

4. Saving Over 40% of Your Income Each Month

You’ll know you’re starting to make a dent towards true financial freedom when you find a way to consistently put away forty per cent or more of your monthly income.

Do whatever you can to increase the gap between what you earn and what you spend.

Save towards investments that pay you back as time goes on.

This is how to build significant leverage and security for your later years.

5. Prioritising Asset Ownership Accumulation

Sustainable wealth happens when you own something(s) of value.

Either such an asset can be sold in exchange for resources, or it earns income in the form of cash flow, like an apartment.

Do what you can to move toward continual asset accumulation and avoid exchanging much of your time for money.

Assets create leverage, allowing you to spend more time doing what you want.

6. Being Geographically Detached

The world is undergoing rapid change.

This means being tied to any one geography puts you in a precarious position.

Far better to set yourself up so you’re flexible and able to quickly move while travelling light should you need to.

Plus, it’s more fun having options, exploring, and even having multiple bases.

7. Nurturing a Still, Non-Reactive Mind

Did anything good ever happen when you were overly self-conscious, grinding on mind ruminations or quick to react to criticism?

Poor management of our minds and emotions will lead to a slew of life problems, not to mention making us miserable and less able to focus on our priorities.

A still mind is housed in a healthy, active body.

Stay moving, meditate, and let go of your past.

8. Developing a Loyal Audience

We’ve spoken about assets.

An interested and loyal audience of followers and subscribers is one of your primary assets.

And it needn’t be massive.

Over time, more and more of us will realise how we should have started growing this audience earlier, especially in the form of a newsletter.

Your audience can provide feedback and support for your creations and products.

It can also bring you consistent sales, so you have a business that doesn’t rely on any one boss to function.

9. Developing Uncommon Sexual Restraint

Look around you at some of the ways people are nuking their reputations, relationships and careers.

The root of the problem often lies in being unable to restrain their sexual urges.

You won’t wish you shagged more strangers when you’re on your deathbed.

You could have created something beautiful and long-lasting instead.

Transmute these lusts into more robust, more energised commitments to your projects, people and good habits.

Leave the insatiable and indiscriminate humping to the slovenly masses.

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10. Building a Trusting Community

You may enjoy doing things your way, but you won’t get far alone.

You will do very well to grow trusting connections with others in your industry, as well as mentors and complimentary service providers.

In whatever you do, consider it through the lens of building a team — one that will help you multiply your efforts.

The alternative is to proceed cautiously and precariously.

You’re at a significant disadvantage when you’re alone.

Spend time every day reaching out to people who know more than you and can open you up to new audiences.

This is one of the best investments you will make.

🟢Contributed by Alex Mathers

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