🌼How To Drastically Improve Yourself In Just 6 Months


🌼How To Drastically Improve Yourself In Just 6 Months

Learn Massively — Every action you take is only limited by what you know. Learn more, know more, have more possibilities.

Use Your Time Wisely — Cut out everything that is not helping you move forward in life. Is watching TV helping you? Yes or No? Is reading helping you? Yes or No? Be honest with yourself and be uncompromising in cutting those things out that do not benefit you.


“Just Do It” — Stop looking for reasons as to why you should or shouldn’t do something. If you want to do it, if it benefits you, or if you feel it is the right choice, then do it without giving a reason. Stop justifying everything and trust yourself more.

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Learn More

Be Brave — A lot of the things you can do that will push you forward do not take a lot of effort or time, but they are scary as hell to do. Be brave. Do what you need to do regardless of how scared you are and you will see your life improve dramatically.


Challenge Yourself — You know whether you did all you could today or not. Stop living in your comfort zone; there’s nothing new for you there. Expand beyond your limits. Push them every day. Challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday and you will always be the best you’ve ever been.

Maximize, Don’t Minimize — Maximize your income instead of minimizing your expenses. Maximize your effort instead of minimizing the tasks. Maximize your joy instead of minimizing sadness. Maximize the good things in your life and stop putting attention on the bad ones. What you focus on is what you get. Focus on the good.

Stop Interacting With People That Limit You — If they do not push you to be your best, if they do not want you to move forward, if they only complain and only try to make you feel better rather than telling you the truths you need to hear, then they are limiting what you could become. Find people that make you uncomfortable, that say what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and keep them around no matter what.

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Get Help — You do not have to do the improving on your own; you do not have to re-invent the wheel. There are people that know how you can improve and that will push you to improve the way it’s best for you. Find those people, pay them if you must, and have them put you on the fast track to success.

Produce, Don’t Consume — For every hour you consume something (TV, Video Games, Movies, etc.) you should spend at least 2 hours producing. Produce something of value and post it online. Make a difference now and get the feedback you need to grow!

🟢Contributed by Lukas Schwekendiek

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