🌼These 3 Books Helped Me Make My First Million By 28


🌼These 3 Books Helped Me Make My First Million By 28

Must-Read Books That Will Transform The Way You Think About Business and Making Money Forever.

I believe there is no better investment than books. For the sum of $10-$20 you can pick up hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars worth of knowledge.


For those that are willing to learn and put it into practice, nothing will provide a higher ROI than reading.

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I’ve read hundreds of books in my life, so many have been instrumental at different stages of my journey in entrepreneurship and have helped with different areas from motivation to the nitty gritty, tactical elements of business and entrepreneurship.


In this article, I will outline the 3 books that I believe helped me the most in my journey of business and eventually becoming a millionaire.

It was tough to pick just 3 books, but if I was starting from scratch again, these would be the first 3 that I’d pick up…

The 12-Week Year

The 12 Week Year by Brian p Moran & Michael Lennington.

This is an underrated one that I don’t hear many people talking about, for me it was a game-changer.

It’s a book focused on achieving goals. What I love about the 12-week year is that it’s both motivational and actionable at the same time. The authors did a great job in firing me up AND giving me practical advice to achieve my goals faster. That’s a powerful combination.

My biggest takeaway from the book, which I still use to this day was to develop a Weekly Scorecard. This means ruthlessly establishing the core, fundamental tasks that you need to focus on to move towards your goals and creating a system to track the completion of those tasks each week. Simple, yet devastatingly effective.

Read this book for endless motivation and a structure to achieve your goals faster.

Atomic Habits

The best book ever written on habits. We are defined by our daily actions, and the more positive habits we implement, the more likely we are to reach them faster.

We all know that we should be focusing on habits that serve us, but this book actually delves into the practical tools you can apply to make habits stick.

My biggest takeaway was the concept of Habit Stacking. This is the process of completing various positive habits in a sequence, which creates an almost Pavlovian effect in which we automatically do things that make us more productive, effective, happy and healthy. Personally, this was the book that finally enabled me to stick to habits I’d done on and off for years like meditation, cold showers and reading.

Read this book to learn the art and science of making habits actually stick long-term.

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So Good They Can’t Ignore You

So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport

Cal Newport wanted to figure out what creates meaningful, fulfilling work. This is a question we should all be asking ourselves.

In his quest to figure out what creates meaningful work, he identifies that following your passion is at best, misguided advice. For a lot of us, following our passion will not result in what is defined as fulfilling work — the main characteristics of fulfilling work, according to this book are autonomy (the ability to work on our own terms) and craftsmanship (becoming so good at something that we derive not only great satisfaction from it but develop the career capital to choose work that is most attractive to us).

My biggest takeaway from this book is to develop a ‘Craftsman Mindset’, This means that instead of simply doing what we’re most passionate about, we find what we’re great at and work at it to become so good that nobody can ignore us anymore.

Once we reach this level of mastery over a craft, passion tends to follow. Our skills become so in demand that we can name our price and terms.

Read this book to learn what actually creates work that you’ll fall in love with.

If you enjoyed this article, I also made a YouTube video talking more in-depth about these books, you can check that out below.

Thanks for checking out my article. I’m a UK Based Entrepreneur & Investor. I write mostly about self-development, entrepreneurship, performance and whatever interests me in the moment as I grow my companies.

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