🌼32 Habits and Traits of Successful People


🌼32 Habits and Traits of Successful People

Common qualities, personality traits, and habits that make successful people successful from The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone



The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

1. Have a “Can Do” Attitude

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Approach every situation with the outlook that no matter what, it can be done.


Talk in term of solutions, explanations, and resolving issues.

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2. Believe That “I Will Figure It Out”

You can admit that you’re unfamiliar with something or don’t know — as long as you immediately follow that admission up with the promise that you will figure it out or find someone who will.

“Great question. Let me check into that and figure it out.”

3. Focus on Opportunity

The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.

4. Love Challenges

The idea of being overwhelmed is the result of never taking enough action to generate enough winning.

Challenges are the experiences that sharpen successful people’s abilities.

The more you win in life, the higher your potential will be — and the more you will grow to love challenges.

5. Seek to Solve Problems

Every problem is universal in some way or another.

Problems for successful people are like a meal to the hungry.

Give me a problem — any problem — and when I solve it, I will be rewarded and I may become a hero.

6. Persist Until Successful

Persist until all resistance morphs into support.

When you retrain yourself to do whatever is necessary to ensure that you are in the best mental, emotional, and financial position to persevere — you will find yourself on the list of the most successful.

7. Take Risks

The successful are willing to take gambles — to out it all out there and know, regardless of the outcome, that they can go back and do it again. They allow themselves to be criticized, looked at, and seen by the world.

8. Be Unreasonable

Act without rational consideration and not in accordance with practical realities.

9. Be Dangerous

The way to ensure that danger doesn’t kill you is to be sufficiently trained so that you can get into the ring and come out the victor.

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10. Create Wealth

The very successful realize that they’re not bound by shortages. They know that money exists in abundance and flows to those who create products, services, and solutions.

11. Readily Take Action

The unsuccessful talk about a plan for action but never quite get around to doing what they claim they’re going to do.

Successful people assume that their future achievements rely on investing in actions that may not pay off today but that when taken consistently and persistently over time will sooner or later bear fruit.

Massive action is the one thing I know I can depend on from myself, even when times are tough.

12. Always Say “Yes”

The word “yes” has more life and possibilities with it.

Never say no until you have to.

Say yes for now until you become so successful that you are forced to add “no” to your arsenal and start managing your time and efforts.

13. Habitually Commit

Successful people see past the problems and are able to keep their focus on the promise they’ve made to themselves or others.

Commit fully as though you are already successful and demonstrate that commitment to all those with — and for — whom you work.

14. Go All the Way

“Half measures achieved us nothing.” — AA

If you called a client 50 times and didn’t get the deal done, then you might as well have not called that person at all.

15. Focus on “Now”

There exists only two times for the successful: now and the future. The unsuccessful spend most of their time in the past and regard the future as an opportunity to procrastinate.

Acquire the discipline, muscle memory, and achievements that result from taking massive action — while others think, plan, and procrastinate.

Taking actions immediately allows the most successful to design the future they desire.

Procrastination is the ultimate weakness.

Anyone who puts off doing what he or she can do right now will never gain the momentum and confidence that result from taking action.

Every second you spend thinking is a second of action that you’re wasting.

You will be amazed how much you can get done when you quit thinking, calculating, and procrastinating and just get on with it and make a habit of acting now.

Discipline yourself to perform now — not later — and I assure you that the volume of endeavors you are undertaking will quickly increase the quality of work — and propel you to move with enhanced conviction and certainty.

16. Demonstrate Courage

Courage is that quality of mind or spirit that compels people to face dangerous situations in spite of fear.

The more frequently you can do things that scare you a bit, the more others will label you as courageous — and then gravitate toward you.

Courage is only attained by doing — especially doing things that you fear.

17. Embrace Change

Change is not something you should resist; it’s something that should keep you excited.

18. Determine and Take the Right Approach

Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves.

When you are winning because you have perfected the approach, it won’t feel like work; it will feel like success.

19. Break Traditional Ideas

Look at organizations like Google, Apple, and Facebook, and you will see companies that challenge traditions and create new ways of doing things. They break that which already works in order to get to a better place.

The most successful are looking to create traditions — not follow already established ones.

Do not be a prisoner of the thinking agreed upon by others.

The successful are called “thought leaders” who design the future with forward thinking.

Don’t suggest change for the sake of change; do so in order to design superior products, relationships, and environments.

20. Be Goal-Orientedp

Always pay more attention to the target than the problem.

If you don’t stay focused on your goals, you will spend your life achieving the objectives of other people.

Writing down your goals helps keep your attention on where you desire to go and the goals you want to achieve — instead of letting yourself dwell on the difficulty of the moment.

21. Be on a Mission

Whereas the unsuccessful spend their lives thinking in terms of a job, successful people approach their activities as though they are on a religious mission.

You must undertake every activity with a zealous attitude that this endeavor could forever change the world.

22. Have a High Level of Motivation

Motivation refers to the act or state of being stimulated toward action.

To succeed, it is critical that you be stimulated, excited, and driven to some action or actions.

Highly successful people continually seek and uncover reasons to stay perpetually provoked to new levels of success.

Create new reasons to keep showing up.

23. Be Interested in Results

Successful people value results. Unsuccessful people attach importance to the time they spend at work and their attempts at getting results — even if nothing happens.

The results are all that matter.

Until you become completely, unreasonably fixated with only getting results, you will fall short of achieving what you desire.

Drive yourself so that no one else has to.

24. Have Big Goals and Dreams

How big are your goals and dreams?

25. Create Your Own Reality

They aren’t interested in what other people deem possible or impossible; they only care about producing things they dream are possible.

26. Commit First — Figure Out Later

It is not necessarily the smartest and the brightest who win in the game of life but rather those who can commit the most passionately to their cause.

27. Be Highly Ethical

If you don’t go to work every day — and do everything within your power to succeed — then you are stealing from your family, future, and the company for which you work.

Being ethical requires people to do what they have told others they would do — and doing so until they get the desired results.

Making an effort without a result is not ethical because it is a form of lying to yourself and failing to fulfill your obligations and commitments.

Any disparity between what you know you can do and what you are achieving is an ethical issue.

28. Be Interested in the Group

You can only do as well as the people around you.

You always want to do everything you can to bring the rest of the team to higher levels.

29. Be Dedicated to Continuous Learning

The most successful CEOs are reported to read an average of 60 books and attend more than six conferences per year.

30. Be Uncomfortable

The unsuccessful seek comfort from all their decisions.

31. “Reach Up” in Relationships

Make a habit of “reaching up” in all of your relationships — toward people who are better connected, better educated, and even more successful.

You must base your decisions on what will be the greatest investment to move you toward your ethical commitment to create success for yourself, your family, and your business.

You can’t become a scratch golfer by playing with bogie golfers. You have to interact with people who are better than you. It’s the only way to become better yourself.

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32. Be Disciplined

Discipline is an orderly, prescribed conduct that will get you what you want.

Discipline is what you use to complete any activity until the activity becomes your normal operating procedure.

In order to ever attain and keep success, you must determine which habits are constructive — and discipline both yourself and your group to do those things over and over again.

contributed by Parker Klein

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