🌼7 of the Highest ROI Things You Could Ever Do


🌼7 of the Highest ROI Things You Could Ever Do

There are a lot of things we do that give us either a low return on investment, or (and this is a fucking nightmare) a negative return on investment.

Let’s take a look.


Example 1: Pretty bad

Going to a happy hour with a bunch of iffy people. Low return on investment. There are much better ways to spend 2–3 hours.

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Example 2: A fucking nightmare

Getting blackout drunk and missing the whole next day. A negative return on investment. You’ll never get that time back and you got literally nothing out of it except a day of feeling like shit, by your own doing.

Enough negative though. Let’s take a look at some of the most positive things you can do for yourself.

Deep work

Set aside sacred time. Mine is 6–9 every morning. That’s 21 hours a week.

Imagine what you could do with 1,092 hours a year?

Put your phone away when you work. Turn on some classical music. Ask your family to leave you alone. Forget social media exists (unless you’re working on there).

Rest and recovery

Sleep at least 7 hours per night. Preferably 8 or 9. Take naps. Have some downtime. Don’t buy into the hustle and grind culture. Sure, you should work but have time blocks.

I do most of my side hustle work from 6a-9a, 7 days a week. 21 hours is plenty. I’m avoiding burnout at all costs. That’ll only set me back.


Lift weights at least 3x per week. If you have to choose between cardio and lifting because you’re strapped for time, pick weightlifting. And lift things that are (relatively) heavy.

It’s not just good for your body, it’s great for your mind. Prioritize good health, because little else matters without it.


Different than exercise, yes.

Walk 10k+ steps a day, preferably in nature. Because then you get double the points.

Try sprinting once or twice a week, on a grassy hill if you can. It’s lower impact, easier on the joints. Car pushing is another low impact, high intensity way to get fit and stay fit.

Humans are meant to move. A lot. Staying stationary physically is a good way to stagnant in every area of your life.


Get a financial education. This is easier than ever. Use the internet.

Here’s my quick tip. Save 20% of your income and invest 50% of that. I don’t care what you have to do to save that 20%, just do it.

Once you’ve built a nice emergency fund (minimum 3 months of living expenses) put the full 20% into investing (aka building long term wealth and beating inflation).

Practice unemotional investing. Don’t ride the highs too high or lows too low. Just stay steady and keep investing per your plan.


Read at least one non-fiction book per week. It’ll help more if it’s some sort of self-improvement book.

Do this for a year and you’ve read 52 quality books. Or, roughly, 13,000 pages of wisdom. At this point you’re starting to internalize the messages. This is good.

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Drink one fluid ounce for every 2 pounds of bodyweight. So many people are walking around dehydrated.

Do you know what dehydration does to you? Your thinking slows, your kidneys work double time, your heart works hard, and many other terrible things occur.

It’s hell on the body. So optimize your fluid intake.

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Contributed by Cait Mack

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