🌼Discipline: 10 Tips For Becoming More Consistent In Everything


🌼Discipline: 10 Tips For Becoming More Consistent In Everything

Make It Non-Negotiable — Consistency cannot be an option. For this you have to set up clear boundaries for yourself. I.e. “I cannot go to sleep until I complete habit X”.

Start Small — 5 minutes of doing what you want to be consistent in should count as a win. Ideally you set up a Minimum, desired outcome, and maximum. I.e. 5 minutes of writing is the minimum, 30 minutes is the desired habit, and 2 hours is the absolute maximum you want to do.


Do It Early — Earlier in the day you have more willpower and mental energy to do the things that are most necessary. Keep the less important things for later in the day. This often means you have to do the uncomfortable tasks first, but that will also train you in being comfortable being uncomfortable.

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Do Not Tell Others About It — If you cannot do it for yourself then you will always rely on others to keep you accountable, thereby pushing the responsibility on them. This means they now have to take care of themselves and you simply because you cannot even muster handling your own life. Stop avoiding the responsibility.


Do Not Make Up For Lost Time — If you missed the habit yesterday, you missed it. That is a loss. That should feel bad. Do not try to make up for it and accept you screwed up. If you allow yourself to feel bad about it you give yourself a chance at Negative Reinforcement, that you would miss if you tried to sweet-talk your way out of the failure.

Know The Bigger Picture — Why do you do it? Why is it so important to be consistent? Why can you not, not do it? The stronger the reason the more excuses you will push out of the way to find a way to do it.

Learn To Be ‘Bouncy’ — Failure will happen, life will throw a wrench in your daily plans, and often nothing will go right at all. The sooner you practice your ability to bounce back from these moments and into doing what you need to anyway the faster you will grow.

Know Everything Matters — Your organization, health, personal life, whether your bed is made and even how alive your plants look all matter. Every bit is a tiny weight that you can add to the scale of consistency. Too few weights and you will procrastinate. Stack your deck.

Do Not Try To Be Perfect — Perfection is rare, and often a chance occurrence. Do not rely on it. Instead learn to do things imperfectly. This way you do them, do not get discouraged by the inability to be perfect, and focus on something more important than perfection.

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Count Your Wins — Every single win, every tiny thing you do, is a win. The more wins you count the more positive things you have backing you up, which will translate directly to your motivation and to the amount of responsibility you can uphold. You win a lot in a day; learn to see that.

Contributed by Lukas Schwekendiek

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