🌼7 Signs You Are Doing Great In Life


🌼7 Signs You Are Doing Great In Life

Life isn’t linear; it has all ups and downs with the bliss of highs and misery of lows. You can’t ignore the bitter fact no matter how hard you try.

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Sometimes, we wallow down in our own ignorance and destitute, forgetting how much we are blessed in fact. While moving through the daily drudgery and feeling into the abyss with all negativity and ‘everything sucks’, we tend to miss the important fact — we are actually doing better in life.

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7 Signs that you are doing better in life more than you think:


Focusing on Self-Growth

As long as you are working on yourself in every sphere from mental to physical, you are doing good in life. Don’t expect results in a quarter or a year. Things take time, and good things take more time. Compound interest has the potential to reward your efforts in manifolds.

You Have Loved Ones

If you have a family which loves you unconditionally, you might be into the category of luckiest. For some, it can be a luxury.

You’re Hopeful

Hope is one of the best things in the world. It has the potential to ignite the light in the darkest of the dark caves and help the person to bear the showers of hurdles.

You Have A Purpose In Life

Most of us are wandering aimlessly, bouncing off between highs of short-term pleasure and lows of purposeless and meaningless. If you are one of them whose bigger picture is somewhat clear and who is going after that despite of being slow, you come into a top brass of hardly 5%.

One thing you can do is not to leave it after facing a slew of challenges. It’s normal, so be prepared to face many of them down the road.

Warmth, Food & Protection

If you have a shelter to protect against the elements of nature and food to fill your stomach, it means you are already doing great. Hundreds of thousands of people in underdeveloped countries and war-torn regions are forced to sleep hungry or fail to get two-times full meals.

Physically & Health Fit

We think about our health when we don’t have anymore. We forget to take care of it until and unless we are being diagnosed to something bad or ailment has grown big.

A major proportion of the world’s population suffers one or other kind of physical or mental barrier on a daily basis. If you are having a healthy body and mind, you are in fact doing very well in life.

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If you are reading this, you are luckiest person on the planet

At times, when tensions and conflict are rising due to geopolitical problems, the necessity is becoming the luxury for a large population. Tearing down the basic infrastructure and social net, conflict is wreaking havoc in larger parts, increasing the reach of basic needs to marginalised communities.

In those bleak moments, food, water and shelter are more important than internet and literacy. Their education suffers a major setback as the main focus has been shifted to other needs. The victims fall behind in the race against the privileged ones.

Contributed by Varun Yadav

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