🌼How to Awaken Your Creative Genius


🌼How to Awaken Your Creative Genius

4 tips on cultivating creativity

Do you wish you could be more creative? Maybe you have a desire to create, but lack the creative spark needed to awaken your creative spirit.


Creativity is in every one of us. The key is knowing how to wake up a creative genius living inside you.

Below, I’ll share a few strategies on how you can do so.

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Cultivate curiosity

When it comes to curiosity, one of my favorite Albert Einstein quotes comes to mind. “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

This quote underscores the value of curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge and creativity.

How many times have you found yourself on a whim of curiosity that led you to explore a particular idea or a solution to a problem? The more you dug into the topic, the more curious you became.

That’s because curiosity is contagious. It feeds into our knowledge and inspires new ideas.

So it goes without saying that to be creative, you also need to be curious. As you know, knowledge is built on curiosity, and curiosity opens the door to new knowledge and ideas.

That said, if you want to supercharge your curiosity you need to start with your mind. You’d be surprised where your curiosity takes you.

Creative ideas are born when you nurture your curiosity. Having the mind of an explorer and being open to new experiences and ideas is the key.

Nowadays you can get knowledge in so many ways — research ideas on the internet, read books, watch videos or documentaries. By nurturing your curiosity, you’ll naturally become more creative by expanding your knowledge and exposing yourself to diverse perspectives.

Create a conducive environment

Do you have a dedicated space that allows you to brainstorm ideas and let your imagination run wild?

While feeding your mind with ideas is important, the environment where you live and work also plays an important role in nurturing creativity.

The space where you work has to inspire you. It should be clutter-free and free of distractions — a safe space where you can be comfortable sitting down with your thoughts and reflecting.

No matter how big or small your space is, you can make it as comfortable as possible. For example, you can fill it with books, beautiful artwork, or any other objects that spark creativity. Or you can put a fresh green plant on your desk.

Say goodbye to fear

Do you know one of the biggest enemies of creativity? It’s the crippling fear of failure living in everyone one of us.

For some, this fear can be so crippling it paralyzes them into inaction. It stifles their creativity before it starts.

To give your creative flow a green light, you must know how to embrace failure as part of the process.

Failure is a stepping stone to success. If we never allowed ourselves to fail, then we’d never learn and grow from our mistakes. By embracing failure, you can unlock the key to the creative process.

With that said, acknowledge that obstacles and setbacks are part of a creative journey. Instead of letting them discourage you, view them as opportunities for growth.

Embracing failure is liberating, and it frees your mind from self-imposed limitations. It turns you from a bunny rabbit to a risk-taker who isn’t afraid to show your true creative potential.

Engage in divergent thinking

Divergent thinking is powerful for two reasons: First, you’re able to let your thoughts flow freely without fear of judgment, and second, you open your mind to exploring many ideas and possibilities.

To engage in divergent thinking, allow your mind to participate in brainstorming activities and explore various possibilities. Remember, the creative process doesn’t begin until you open up your mind.

Another effective practice is free writing, where you encourage yourself to jot down as many ideas as possible.

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In conclusion

Creativity resides within each of us. The key is to know how to unlock your creative genius by opening the door to creative flow.

If you wish to be more creative, but feel you’re missing a creative spark, you can take a few steps to experience creative freedom. By cultivating curiosity, creating an inspiring environment, saying goodbye to the fear of failure, and engaging in divergent thinking, you can awaken your creative potential.

Contributed by Kristina Segarra

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